Photographing Autism

If you're on this page, you are probably a family with a child with Autism.  Getting your picture taken has got to be on your list of activities that you want to do but dread.  I've got to give it to you- raising a child with Autism is a big deal.  You've got a seriously hard job.  I am writing all this to say that I understand.  I get it.

I have a unique background that makes me distinctly qualified to photograph your child.  When I am not working as a photographer, I am a pediatric speech language pathologist who specializes in Autism.  My other job is getting kids with Autism to connect, engage, and communicate.  When I photograph kids with Autism, I am not only thinking as a photographer, but as a therapist.  The best smiles, the most authentic moments are when your child engages and connects, and the best vehicle for this is play.  So expect that our sessions will be filled with movement, silly little games, and lots of play.

I'll say it again.  I am fully prepared for all the craziness that may be your life, bring it on!  You deserve to capture this time in life with your family.  Your family is beautiful and photo worthy too.